Orphan Black Season 2 Trailers: I’m Still Not Spoiled, But Thanks For Trying, BBC America!

As with other teasers and such about this show, I’m NOT looking at these two trailers at all because I don’t want a single thing ruined for me when things kick off on April 19. Yeah, yeah – I know a little tease is part of one’s entertainment life, but I’m one of those folks that can do without it because it makes the experience fresher when I go in not knowing a darn thing except for where last season ended and where this one will pick up. That said, I’d actually LOVE to see a fake trailer put out for a show that totally fools everyone, sort of like how the end of episode teasers for original episodes of Arrested Development threw stuff at you that wasn’t even close to what took place in the next episode. Of course, I caught on to that really quickly (in a “Hey, what happened to… Oh, ha and ha, ha manner), so maybe it’s NOT a good idea after all.

Heh. One can only imagine the confusion, followed by the internet “outrage” and petitions popping up all over from the modern fan who doesn’t seem to have a functional sense of humor about their favorite show…

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