PF Flyers Won’t Make Me Faster, But I Do Feel A Lot Less Old…

PF_Flyers So, new sneakers today. Yeah, they’re SUPER retro (but not actual vintage) PF Flyers I stumbled across on eBay and as I hadn’t seen a pair of these since the 70’s, they were sold before I even got around to changing my mind. Hey, for $20 shipped I’d have gotten a few pair but I want to try these out first and see if I survive a long day on my feet (which, as luck has it… will be tomorrow).

Anyway, these are a dark blue (I thought they were black in the picture online, but no worries, blue was my second choice), made like the originals (but yes, in China) and amusingly enough, there was a tiny green cloth fortune under the left insole! It reads: ‘Sometimes A Closed Door Is The Sincerest Invitation’ and has a Chinese character underneath I should probably have translated. I guess that’s a good fortune to have (unless I’m a vampire), but I’ll see how that closed door policy works out. If I like these kicks, I’ll have to get another pair just to see if the fortune is different.

PF_Flyers (2) PF_Flyers (3)

Hmmmm… this could get bad if I end up hooked on cheap sneakers with cryptic cloth fortunes that are open to interpretation. Back in a bit. I’m going for a short walk…


9 thoughts on “PF Flyers Won’t Make Me Faster, But I Do Feel A Lot Less Old…

    • Oh, these aren’t going to be holding my ankles up for sure, but I like the padded arch insole. Some warm socks will help, but I’m probably going to be walking a lot Wednesday (well, not as much as you are/will). Can you wear some sort of ankle brace under something comfortable (and maybe add some gel insoles for your feet?). I saw a load of track sneakers with spikes or cleats at low prices (sprinting/long and short distance track and football shoes), but I don’t know if those are what you’re looking for (and I didn’t check for ladies sizing, but I’m sure you could find something. I wonder if carrying a few pairs of sneakers with you on that Natchez trek might help? I figure wear a new pair a week or something like that. Hmmm… what’s Roy wearing on HIS feet?


      • I have a great pair of Salomon’s for every day walking on the Trace, and I’m getting multiple pairs. I did a 15 mile walk yesterday in my regular hiking boots. Ouch. I need technical expertise for wet days, because those things gave me some major blisters.

        Roy is not walking. He is going to entertain the locals while I walk. I’m just glad he’s going at all, because it has given him something to look forward to in a weird way.

        I really like the colors of the sneakers you got. I wish I could find something that snazzy that would still support what needs support.

        Also, I am doing a pre-release of my book for blog readers. I am not announcing it on my blog. If you want to participate, I need your mailing address. (And, yes, I can understand why you wouldn’t want to give me that.) The whole hike thing will make a lot more sense if you plan to follow it, and if you plan to read the book anyway, you would get it cheaper than after the official release.


  1. I bought another pair of black and green flyers in Moscow, Russia, and found the same green cloth fortune under the insole. So I googled for ‘Sometimes A Closed Door Is The Sincerest Invitation’ and found this post 😉


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