A Reminder of Unfinished Business, Courtesy of AMC…


February 9th isn’t far away at all, especially the way time flies these days. That first half of the season ended on a pretty wild note of highs and lows for the survivors, so it’ll be interesting to see where things go once the last bunch of episodes this season roll out. I’m still NOT a fan at all of shows splitting up into waiting times like this, but it seems to be the new “normal” despite the big breaks in time that drive folks like me batty. Still it’s better than what AMC is doing to the final season of Mad Men, spreading out those final episodes over TWO YEARS, meaning way too much waiting around for a series of resolutions that will already be ancient by the time viewers get to see them. Oh well…

8 thoughts on “A Reminder of Unfinished Business, Courtesy of AMC…

  1. With you. I hate waiting around for conclusions and resolutions because the excitement goes and I get bored. Feb isn’t too far away though I suppose and I’m probably more prepared for disappointment.


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