Sleep Less and See Cattle…

Reese_01Let me tell you right now, dear readers, today is going to be nuts in all the best ways (and perhaps a few worst ones). Yours truly got not a wink of sleep last night. Not a wink. None. ero (as in no Z’s, ha ho ha haa).

It’s not that I intended to stay up all night long, ladies and germs. I just had my head filled to the brim with deep thoughts (and not so deep thoughts), couldn’t sleep and figured I’d go play a game until I passed out in front of the TV. Usually, that or a bad movie will do the trick within about half an hour to an hour, but before I knew it, Mr. Sun was peeping in the back room window and I was staring at the TV with big saucer eyes (see left). Now, I could have simply shut everything down and headed straight to bed (the smart thing), but noooooo… I had some important stuff to tackle…

So, it was out for a nice, long walk in the freezing morning air at around 7:30, then a trip to the post office (8:35, but they opened at 9) to finally mail a package to Canada for a friend (there’s a funny story about that to tell, but I want to type this post out before I keel over here in the library). On the way back home, I run into my mother and her shopping cart, so I did the nice thing and ran away with her groceries (well, she asked me to, as I walk a lot faster and have a key to her place), then zipped to the home office and took a quick caffeine break before heading back out to try and get a few posts in. How do I feel? Fine, actually… but a little punchy. “How punchy?”, you ask?

Well, friends… I was waiting on the corner for the light to change and thought I saw a cow out of the corner of my eye, but when I turned around to double check, it was a large lady in a larger spotted coat. Run-roh. It’s a good thing I didn’t say anything stupid, as I’d probably fond out “Moooo!” means *POW!* in a least one form of translation. Well, I think that was the only hallucination I’ve had so far. The again I did also get a jump scare on that same corner when the shadow of a bus crept past me and I thought it was a dinosaur foot.

Yeah, it’s going to be a looong darn day. Good thing the library closes early on Friday. Back in a bit – I may need to get up and stretch or do a jumping jack or something. Or else…

2 thoughts on “Sleep Less and See Cattle…

  1. I do hope you got some sleep in the end, deep thoughts or no deep thoughts. The brain is a scumbag. Just as you’re about to nod off… HEY! LET’S THINK ABOUT THINGS! Fun fun.


    • Ha, ha, haaaaazzzzz. I’ll respond in some more legible detail later. I passed out on the couch and just woke up, but I’m about to crawl to bed. Yeah, the brain sucks. It was playing an old Cramps song last night and looping it over and over:

      Back in a bit. Zzzzzzzzz…


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