Some Random Holiday Ramblings (With A Side Of Mistletoe!)…

Yeah, it’s that time of the year when people go insane spending too much money on stuff they then spend the better part of the next year paying for while others complain the spirit of the season is lost as they themselves have probably elbowed someone in the throat in a crowed mall to get a $39 HDTV. Me, I stay away from large crowds and small minds because there’s more room to breathe (and I hate catching a stray elbow in the neck). For perhaps 20 years or so I’ve been “holiday neutral” (for ALL holidays, mind you) but I certainly don’t mind people around me doing it up and having a blast. Heck, when invited to assorted gatherings over the years, I’d be that guy who pops into a party or dinner with gifts for everyone, maybe a pie if I had time to bake one and perhaps a bottle or three of whatever just to watch everyone open up stuff and have a blast. If I like the gathering of folks enough, I may even stick around to help with the dishes. But in general, I don’t go out of my way to throw up thousands of dollars in flashy decorations or leap around wearing a funky-ugly sweater tossing teddy bear mugs and peppermint marshmallows at random strangers with a big grin on my own mug…

Now, I’m no Grinch, ladies and gents… I’ve just grown out of that phase of my life where I’m substituting or blending commercialism into “traditions” that all basically end up as excuses to hit the stores with a fervor not seen since the parting of the Red Sea (if that ever happened – some experts outside the field of non-scientific adherence to easily misinterpreted texts tend to disagree). That and heck, if you believe in anything, the best way to get others to do so or at least respect you is to be as open minded as you should be when you hear they don’t have much interest in what you believe in because you’re a fine person first and foremost. Sure, that personality of yours may be a result of some sort of faith, but I’d have more faith in someone with a genuine smile than one from a person who’s doing so because there’s an “OR ELSE” hanging over their head. Ah, there’s nothing like an unveiled threat from above (or below) to keep one grinning a wee bit too much, right?

That said, I’d actually like a few things for Christmas, but they’re not all for me. You can’t be too selfish in this day and age (unless you’re making money doing so and LIKE it), so I think wishing for some form of peace around the planet benefits more than just the people in those troubled spots. Peace and quiet is a far better “thing” to share with others than any old fruitcake or the best worst Christmas sweater ever made, I say. Imagine a day or week or month or so going by with NO reports of assorted insanities, no outbreaks of random violence and hell, definitely NO celebrity news to speak of? That’s heaven on earth right there if you ask me. Hey, even Elvis is on the money on this. Well, not THAT Elvis, kids… the other one:

Granted, I’m not a total over-optimist about some things and yes, common sense is a very well-made hammer. Sometimes you don’t get everything you want because people don’t want you or anyone else to have that necessary peace and quite in places they don’t want you to care about as they sweep everything under a rug. You can’t solve that sort of problem by being a bystander throwing money into the charity hole when it’s just going to mostly go into the pockets of some executives. Of course, once that aid you’ve paid for is deemed too dangerous to deliver thanks to the areas being overly occupied by well-armed men, it’s they who usually end up getting those planes and trucks full of good intentions. I’d say that’s when a decent rocket launcher would come in quite handy. Or some chocolate covered mistletoe disguised as a really tasty treat delivered right to the enemy doorstep. Sometimes the slow blade is more effective than the quick blade, people.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now because I know you need to dash out and snap up that three dollar toaster that’s only going to be on sale between 3 and 4am. Stay safe, keep the kids out of your hair if you have them by teaching them how to wrap presents (just keep them away from the cat!) and yeah, yeah… Merry Christmas!

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