The Time of The Doctor Teaser: Some Of You Whovians Will Need An Actual House Call Afterward, I’ll Bet…

Yeah, yeah. Another day… another Doctor, huh? Matt Smith will be missed for sure, but I think the writers on the show can indeed keep things rolling as the Capaldi era gets off to whatever start they want to give it. I can handle the loss of a Doctor, as I’m a more recent re-convert to the show after some years not of watching it regularly. And yes, my re-conversion was swift and amusing back when I did start up again as I got hit on the head hard with a string of episodes and characters that had my taking notes before realizing I was now trapped into the storyline and HAD to see what happened next. Anyway, there are a mere two days to go, so stock up on edibles and perhaps a box of tissues if you’re one of THOSE people. Oh, who am I kidding, most of us will probably BE one of those people by the time the episode ends.

Well, provided those dopey spinning and/or explosive Christmas trees aren’t in this episode. I think I laughed myself off the couch the first time I saw one of those things spring into action…


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