As For The Doctor’s Future… “Who. Nose?”

KandorHmmm. So THAT was something, wasn’t it? For starters, the sheer amount of fan service was mind-blowing and yes, I ended up watching the episode again later just to pick up on a few things I thought I missed. Anyway, it was all good stuff: The Zygons were back after something like 38 years(!!), there were more than three Doctors in the episode (“No spoilers!”), the switches from comic to dramatic moods were perfect and that ending? Let’s just say that final Matt Smith episode coming up in December is probably going to help sell a LOT of Kleenex and popcorn. Or something like that. Actually, I’d not mind some Jelly Babies right about now. You can keep the fish fingers and custard. My only big geeky query is this one: So, since Gallifrey is now Kandor… will the next Doctor be wearing a cape (and boots) upon his entrance? Ah ha ha ha (and +10 if you get the reference without having to look things up)…


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