Random Film of the Week(end): Invasion of the Bee Girls

(Thanks, DST3K!) 

Invasion of the Bee Girls Was Invasion of the Bee Girls a modern feminist film disguised as a stupidly sexy 70’s exploitation flick? I’d say hell no, but for all its nudity and pervy middle-aged to old coots getting bedded and bumped off by a bevy of shapely babes with the power to kill any guy they mate with, there’s probably a message in there somewhere. I actually remember seeing this one as a kid one afternoon when it popped up on TV as a heavily edited (but still ridiculously racy) flick and it being a pretty hot topic at school the next day.

As I’ve “matured” and checked out the uncut version a few times since (hey, ONLY for research purposes!), it’s clear that all those hot and bothered guys (and a few gals) knew a while lot more about the birds and the bees that I did at that tender age…

Anyway, what we have here ladies and germs is basically a well-made (sort of) kind of campy (a little) soft-core flick with a sci-fi theme written by Nicholas Meyer (hey, every writer needs his big break, right?) that’s great at getting its assorted ladies to disrobe every few minutes and dispatch a few schlubs who deserve it while a few dedicated law folk try to solve the murders. There’s a sexy mad scientist behind it all, some silliness about the law wanting the small town affected by the deaths trying to get residents to abstain while the investigation continues, a long and “what the hell are they putting all over her body” transformation scene (a bit too much of which actually got shown on TV back in the day because the film would make no sense with the scene clipped out) and other stuff that makes this a fun couples film. Er, provided those couples can appreciate the power struggle of sorts going on here for 85 minutes.

Since it’s set in the swingin’ 70’s, some things are a bit overplayed for today’s audiences, there’s a terribly stereotyped gay character and the ending is kind of that “man wins!” deal that’s going to get some guy out there an elbow to the gut if he tries to get in a word edgewise to that lady friend on the other side of the couch. On the other hand, the dirty old and not so old men getting their just desserts may get a little cheer from the gals who side with the Bee Girls for any reason. I’m on their side simply because I don’t want to end up dropping dead in bed unless I’ve got a game controller in my shaky old hands, the best pizza in the world and a bottle of something strong to hit anyone who tries to revive me over the head with.

Granted, guys who think their wives or girlfriends would be offended by this one have probably downloaded this onto their hard drives already (it’s been in the public domain for a while), not realizing that their significant others have probably also downloaded this one and have watched it for the same reasons. Or have watched it because they’re secretly planning to do their own schlubs in with a little too much TLC before heading off to the hive with a newly found sense of freedom. Hey, I’m not dumb, folks (well, not too much these days). That said, I wonder what Russ Meyer would have done with this script? Under his clutches, I’d bet you a new honey pot that this one would be in public domain at all and you’d be paying through the nose for that DVD on eBay right about now…