This Week’s Oversight Committee Comes To You From Griddly Games…

In general, oversight is a VERY necessary thing thanks to the built in stupidity that keeps all forms of government under suspicion and always questionable in the ways they operate. But I’d say that’s because politicians of all stripes need to change their tactics to actually working for everyone in their areas and not a particular interest group with plenty of gifts to give, stop eternally scheming about how to stay in office as long as possible and perhaps learn to lose gracefully. One way this can be achieved might be having these clever (and not so clever) elected officials play actual board games such as Griddly Games’ Oversight, where their deft maneuvering and manipulating skills can actually work in their favor and no one gets kicked out of a job or home at the end of the day. Well, except for the guy or gal who gets TOO good at the game and keeps winning. You can’t have term limits for a family game like this… but you CAN throw down a curfew just to get the person beating your pants off the hell out of your living room…

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