WIN FREE STUFF! Two Tiny Troopers Steam Codes Up For Grabs!

Hey! You look like you could use a game break, so here’s a quick giveaway for two lucky readers. Tiny Troopers for PC is a fun action/real-time strategy hybrid from Kukouri Mobile Entertainment and Iceberg Interactive that’s been getting some pretty solid reviews for the iOS and Android versions.

Now, lucky PC and Mac gamers can give this enhanced version of the game a shot through Valve’s always rockin’ Steam download service, where the game is normally $9.99, but is on sale until September 7, 2012 through the Steam store for 20% off. That, by the way, is what they call a STEAL in this day and age.

Here’s a peek at the game (and of course, gameplay) for you:

Looks pretty cool, huh?  I say go make yourself and the developer happy and buy this game.  Or, you could luck out and be one of two winners here simply by being the first two folks to post a note below. Don’t get too giddy now and put your email address in that note, now – I know how to track you down without it.  Anyway, RULES: you DO need a Steam account to enter, the game is PC and Mac compatible and there’s only ONE code per winner, so don’t get grabby, now!  Winners will be emailed their codes, so yes, having an actual email address will help as well. Also, even if you don’t win, the game is a good enough deal at either the full or reduced price to make a great purchase for yourself or someone else.

Anyway, if you’ve read this far and haven’t replied, you might not be a winner, so get cracking!

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