3D Isn’t Dead After All – Gene Dolgoff Has An Awesome, Affordable Solution On The Way

OK, you guys and gals all know by now that I’m not the biggest fan of 3D television. That’s because it’s not an inexpensive upgrade (for a good setup), I don’t like goggles over my glasses, and when I think about it, there’s probably nothing I want to see in 3D that I can’t see on my regular old TV (insert generic Skinemax joke here). That said, with 2000+ games here in the library (hey, I’m a historian and it’s research!), I actually wouldn’t mind seeing and playing some of my old stuff in 3D.  Yes, I’m really curious to see how things would be if we were a bit more forward thinking (and a lot less expensive) in our gaming tech.


Fortunately, Westbury, LI-based inventor Gene Dogloff has been reading my mind or something. Now, I won’t get to see this rather cool 3-D Vision prototype until next month at the NY Games Conference, but based on talking to a few fellow editor types who’ve seen this thing in action, it’s pretty darn incredible. Dogloff, an inventor behind the LCD projector and many other tech innovations has come up with a better way for TV viewers and gamers to turn any TV into a 3D set for not a lot of money at all. And yes, it’s being crowd-funded. I’d bet a dollar that’s because the big TV makers won’t touch something that will cost less than they want us to spend or they’d take Dogloff’s idea and claim it was their own, but perhaps I’ll ask Gene that question at some point.Or perhaps I’ll be so blown away by the demo that I’m rendered speechless. We shall see…

Anyway, go check out the 3-D Vision Fundable page and spend a few disposable dollars if you have them to spare. Give $25 and you can even submit a design for the product and have the chance to win $10,000.  There are a couple of high roller packages available as well, including the chance to meet the inventor and get a load of 3-D Vision units that will make you the neighborhood Santa (or a really dedicated collector). As much of a curmudgeon as I am about 3D technology, I’m interested on seeing this become a reality and a common household device. Just to see 3D get more than the usual three to five year cycle it always has. Yeah, I’m that old. Dogloff also has idea about a sort of “Holodeck” that would seem goofy until you read his bio and realize that if anyone can make that a reality, it would be the man himself. Color me intrigued…  make it so, Gene!

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