Helloooo, Nurse! Silent Hill Goes The Horror House Route At Universal Studios

“This is not a game. This is not a movie. This is real. And guests will be tormented by horrifying creatures from an alternate dimension, including the iconic deformed nurses and the executioner. “


So, Universal Studios is adding a Silent Hill theme to its hugely popular Halloween Horror Nights attraction at its Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood locations. That’s a good thing or a bad one, depending on how much you like being scared silly by things that go bump in the night. Personally, I’ve never really been scared at any horror house I’ve been to most likely because I have a pretty morbid sense of humor to begin with and tend to elbow anyone who tries to do a “jump out’ scare on me in the eye. I also know that at the end of the day everyone going in will come out alive (soiled shorts optional) and all those mask and makeup wearing guys and gals putting the fear of fear into the heads of those who show up are making an honest buck.

That said, I’m actually interested in this attraction because I’m a HUGE Silent Hill fan (definitely more of the games than of that first film, despite some interesting changes and performances) and the idea of adding a crowd dynamic to a game that’s best played alone in the dark is intriguing. Granted, with the wrong crowd, the show could end up as scary as taking a school bus load full of kids to a car was. but I think Universal can do a better job at freaking most people out than that. Hopefully, as too many folks seem to be jaded about stuff they shouldn’t be. Then again, turn out the lights and brush a fake hand against someone’s hair and  you’ve got a 85% chance of them hitting the ceiling…

If anything, this should give Konami ideas about how to implement some sort of multiplayer into a Silent Hill game that’s not just about running around killing weird-looking creatures. Hell, all the best horror-related games I’ve played involve less gunning and more running from something that’s not easy to get away from because it’s gotten so far under your skin that you just want to peel it off with a rusty knife. Oh, by the way… Silent Hill Revelation comes out on October 26 (I did not know this until now), so if you’re in the Orlando or Hollywood areas around Halloween, you can double the scares on your trip. Just remember to bring an extra pair or two of underwear…

4 thoughts on “Helloooo, Nurse! Silent Hill Goes The Horror House Route At Universal Studios

  1. It’s actually surprising that this idea hasn’t previously been implemented. The oppotunity for mischieve and the wide range of terror that can be instigated is immense! Would love to attend this.


    • Well, Capcom did this with a wild Resident Evil-themed horror attraction in Japan a few years back, so I guess Universal and Konami are playing a bit of catch-up here.


  2. omfg.. that would just plain out give me a heart attack! The Silent Hill series has given me many sleepless nights! Though I love the games ^_^ Way better than Resident Evil in my opinion, because it’s not about zombies ;D


    • The SH games are definitely much more unique than RE, but RE6 has some pretty awesome content (definitely not just zombies). I actually like the Siren games a bit more than Silent Hill because of the gameplay (the sightjacking is scary when you suddenly see an enemy viewpoint on your position and it’s closer than you’d like) and general “no escape” feel to the games…


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