Retro Exploration: Dreamcast (Part 6)

Hey, how about a little Urban Chaos? Mucky Foot’s underrated action game was pretty fun on the PC and got a decent Dreamcast port (as well as a not so hot PS1 version) that, despite a few issues, made for quite an interesting “open world” experience before Grand Theft Auto III took the gaming world by storm. UC was definitely a bit more focused on getting missions done as quickly as possible in the mix of combat, shooting and vehicle sequences plus a bizarre story (the opening cinematic is still a head-spinner) common to some Eidos games of the era (Project Eden, anyone?). Here are a dozen “hidden” screens from the DC disc – I didn’t know there were cheats for this version of the game as the screen text shows (unless they’re PC version screens that didn’t get removed for some reason). As interesting as these screens are, it would have been nicer to see character and/or environment renders as bonuses, as the game has some nice looking assets here and there.

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