Gallery: Xbox 360 Library

Well, it’s weird, I’ll admit it, but I have to say that both my 360 and PS3 collections are VERY fluid. As in games come in, get played and traded/sold faster than with anything else I’ve collected. I’ve probably owned close to 200 – 250 games for the console, but here’s what I have at the moment, minus about 15 titles out on loan. I have a few region-free imports as you can see, but I’m not much interested in a Japanese 360 at the moment (other than a ton of cool shmups we never got here that I’m not too interested in playing and a few interesting titles I might like, I’m not urgently pursuing an import console). Yeah, that Shadow Ops DVD should have gone in the Xbox library, but it was on the bottom of a stack of games that I just got around to relocating (oops).

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