Gallery: PC Games Library (Most Of It)

More stuff from the collection – these are actually posted on my Facebook page, but it’s only accessible to friends and folks on my contact lists. These pics were taken earlier this year, so a few (well, a bunch of) new arrivals are missing as are a few games I loaned out (as I’m such a nice guy). That, and the photos obviously don’t include all the stuff currently on my hard drive and a few portable drives.

I actually have a dead HDD here that had a ton of games and game saves on it that I didn’t want to destroy in hopes of one day recovering everything. But I’ve replaced a chunk of what was on it already, as it was mostly indie stuff and a bunch of free games and demos I downloaded years back. Yup, I’ve played all of these games. Nope, I’ve not completed every single one, but I can definitely spin a few stories about the too many hours spent with a lot of what’s here (if prompted and properly soused, ha and ha-ha).



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