Nintendo "Officially" Announces New Console For 2012

Although news (and a few images) have been leaking out for a little while now about the successor to the Wii, an
official statement from the company’s financial report has been popping up all over the Internet today officially announcing the new console will be shown (and possibly playable) at E3 this year. Codenamed ‘Project Cafe’, the new console is rumored to feature HD visuals that rival the PS3 and Xbox 360 along with an innovative new controller with a 6.2″ touch screen that enables downloading and playing games through the console without turning on your TV!

The new system is expected to launch in 2012, but no pricing, features or software announcements have been made yet. This is certainly exciting news for Nintendo fans and gamers in general, as there’s little doubt that we’ll all be seeing something innovative and extremely user friendly very shortly. Of course, we’ll also see the Wii and its games drop in price, so it’ll be interesting to see how his affects those numbers, as traditionally, “dying” consoles get a spike in sales as budget-minded families seize the opportunity to grab up systems and games for kids who care not a whit for flashy graphics and expensive new controllers. Time for another poll, I guess…

1 thought on “Nintendo "Officially" Announces New Console For 2012

  1. I really think it's too early for a new console. I'm not even going to get into the possible failure rating that most likely will occur for the first generation of the new systems. Though even still the gaming industry fails to realize that a console is simply a “poor man's PC”, I guess the successors still have to evolve. I guess when consumers finally understand, they'll be given a FREE printer and scanner, as well as a keyboard to go along with the $50 wireless controller(s). The multi-player capability will be limited as usual, along with the “PC to Console games” graphics will be diluted and muddy. Not really looking forward to the new and improved consoles…I wish them good luck though.


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