ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection Demo Shows Off The Benefit of Really Blurry Screen Photos

I'd initially planned NOT to use these ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection pics at all, but after much debate (well, not that much), I decided to run a few of the shots I took last month of the live demo of Sony's upcoming PS3 HD (and 3D)-enhanced twofer. If you've never played either game before on the PS2, you're in for a real treat. ICO is shorter and more puzzle/platform oriented, Shadow is much longer and has more action and they both show off some of the best hand-animated 3D characters you'll ever see. (You'll have to play them to get what each story is about – I'm not going to go ruin anything for anyone new to the games).

Anyway, you're getting two amazingly well-done, innovative gems with a nice HD polish for a great price. That 3D effect is an option for those with 3D TV's, by the way, but if you're fortunate enough to own a Bravia or other 3D setup, you'll see that the game looks absolutely spectacular. The blurrier the photo, the more incredible the effect is. So yes, the worst looking pic below the jump is the one where I had to stop taking pics and just watch more of the game being played (I didn't snap away when that first Colossus showed up, but the 3D there is nearly mind-blowing). This one's going to be a keeper…

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