Walmart Reveals PS3 Ico/Shadow of the Colossus HD Bundle

After the success of God of War Collection last year and this year’s upcoming The Sly Collection for the PS3, I figured Sony was going to do this collection at some point and thanks to Walmart’s web site, it’s pretty much a done deal. In case you’re scratching your head about how they have this listed before other major game retailers, well that’s the power of Walmart for you. They’re so darn huge that they’re no doubt allowed to list products that far ahead just because it’s good for Sony, Walmart and Walmart’s customers who can either pick up the game or have it shipped to arrive on day one.

Anyway, that eyebrow raising April 1, 2011 release date is probably subject to slip a bit, as I’m betting they’re only allowed to list titles up to Q1 until an actual release date comes from SCEA.

Or something like that.

Anyway, if it’s real it’s damn good news (and about time, Sony!). Now if only Capcom would get on the ball and redo the Mega Man Legends/Tron Bonne games in HD and Sega would do Shining Force Complete Box and Panzer Dragoon Complete Box, I’d be an even happier camper!

(Yeah, those last three game sets all in my fertile little mind, but c’mon, folks. They’d SELL like water in the Sahara).

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