Minus four or five books not shown, I was a bit busy reading to keep sane in 2020.

So, a few days late and no dollars short, here are most of the books that have shown up from a few small to large publishers last year when I was holed up and locked down. There are a few missing from this photo, as a friend needed some emergency reads and I was more than happy to oblige. I don’t think I’ve read this much fantasy and sci-fi in a row since high school, so it was a pretty interesting few months.

Then again, when you have two strokes, survive and need to teach yourself to read and write again, it’s definitely a good thing I was able to enjoy this lot of novels, albeit a bit slower than I used to. I was a bit of a speedy reader back in the day and when these books started showing up last year, it was a bit daunting at first. But the as the amount increased, I became quite determined to get through them all. So, yes – it helped with all these books showing up. Hooray for mailing lists, and sure, I may write a few short reviews on some of these down the road a piece.



3 thoughts on “Book-ish

  1. Jeez Greg, did I just read right that you’ve had two strokes! Mate sending lots of good positive vibes to you buddy.
    Sounds like you doing the best thing, reading and getting back up to speed with it. Hopefully soon over the time your reading speeds with boost back up. Looks like your smashing through books. Which of the books did you enjoy the most do you think?
    “Mask of Silver” looks noir in it’s cover design.
    And you gotta love a title called “Drowned Secrets”
    Get better soon Greg and enjoy the time reading.
    All the best


    • Hey Mikey!

      I’m doing better these days, but the old brain was a bit daffy on both reading and writing for a bit last year. Been a bit of a bumpy time, but it’s been getting back to normal. All the books were pretty decent, but I liked the mix of historical elements and all those maps and charts in The Gathering Storm (which is sort of an huge expansion to War of the Worlds), The Swords of El Cid has got werewolves and a few other wild creatures in it, and The Lunar Trilogy is three novels initially written from 1901 to 1911, so the science is a bit quaint, but very interesting. I’ll pop in a few short form impressions on the others in a bit. and yup, Drowned Secrets is really cool!

      Oh, here’s an old post you may like (think of it as a 1949 VSAH entry, as three of us have written reviews on it): It’s a short read, so enjoy!


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