In A (Few) Weird Place(s) 1

Hi there. I’m in a weird place today, or more precisely, a few weird places. To wit:

  1. I’m currently typing this while standing and looking at my TV screen which is at an odd angle thanks to the new-ish LG Smart TV I inherited deciding not to work with my old-ish laptop. I kept my super aged Sony HDTV because it worked with the laptop flawlessly after I accidentally cracked the screen a while back and discovered I could connect the PS with a simple HDMI cable. I did locate a new screen, but it arrived damaged (I was refunded) and I’ve been staving off ordering a new one. Well, so much for that, as I kind of need a replacement. The old TV is BEHIND the new one, thus the need to stand, in case you’re curious.
  2. It’s impossible to write without mentioning the pandemic, particularly when one knows a few folks affected by it. Por ejemplo, that’s how I got a new-ish LG Smart TV that’s too smart for its own good.
  3. I do have a LOT of reviews and review requests to do, so yes, they will get done.
  4. Sony sent out a pre-order link for the PS5 and sure, I’ll try and do that when the site opens. I totally expect this to be a complete shiit-show this afternoon, but at least I won’t be annoyed by this, as it will fit in with every other bad thing that’s this year, but be of the very, VERY lesser variety. Eh I’ll get one eventually. -GW

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