Promises (Promises) and Holding Patterns

Thanks, exDrBob1

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… The brain is bubbling about the upcoming election and my poor concentration has been a bit, shall we say, scattered. Yeah, that’s led to a bit of moodiness and stuff like accidentally hitting the post button (a few minutes ago) when I was trying to compose a thought. And so it goes. I’m in a currently less 80’s mood, too. I originally chose another song with thew same name as the one above, but decided it was too good. Eh, whatever:

Thanks, IncubusTV

It’s so cheerless here that I may not be back at this until the election is done and sealed. Dead neighbors, friends and relatives do this sort of thing.and no amount of Lady Macbeth style hand washing or hand wringing for that matter will get one a mulligan for all that death. Current mood:

Thanks, Zok116

Eh, I’ll be back soon enough. Hell, it’ll be as if I never left and you’ll want to get rid of me like a bad habit. Maybe.



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