A Friendly Reminder…

(thanks, tucanoramone!)

I’m still working through *many* health-related issues, so again… please do not send me social media messages I can’t respond to in a timely manner. I don’t know when I’ll be back on Facebook, Twitter, Steam or any other network and I don’t want you guys and gals to feel ignored or as if I’m just not interested in communicating. That said, I decided to do some art today after being frustrated in a few attempts in trying to move my health care provider to the place that saved my bacon. That will take a few days to fix, but one side effect of the meds I’m on is a bit of annoyance with stupid stuff.

only a test

So, yeah. I can still kind of do certain stuff, gaming included (Yes!). That said, I now need to concentrate on over a thousand emails from indie and other publishers, so please bear with me as that slowly happens over the next… uh, month or three?

Finally, if anyone has gotten an email from me (it would have arrived Monday) asking not to follow or otherwise bug me, it’s NOT personal. I just need the rehab to go smoothly and seeing your name as a follower is not a comforting sight at all. Take the hint and quit stalking/following me so my blood pressure stays out of the red zone.



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