Words Fail Me (A Bit Less, But Still)…

Here’s a laugh: my laptop died at some point during my medical adventures, so this post as well as the last were typed out (very slowly) on an old wheezy Windows XP monster. I think a new battery is needed (not a clue as to what happened), but after the mess last night figuring out two passwords over the course of an hour, I’m not quite ready for online shopping or social media. That said, this post took about 25 minutes less to compose than yesterday’s, which is a good thing. A day at a time, folks…



2 thoughts on “Words Fail Me (A Bit Less, But Still)…

    • Ha! I was away from any tech for so long that I’d composed a bunch of posts in my head not thinking I’d have issues later. Reading I have no issues with, but writing and typing are a mess. That reply took less time, but we’ll see where the home therapy road goes.

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