Horror of the Mundane Variety Keeps Me A Bit At Bay…

Sadako_Walker Plus

Gyaaah. Photo credit: Walker Plus


Let’s see now: Other than that outstanding Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild demo I got to play, Pepcom surprising me with some fun stuff and some of E3’s better presentations, last week was a bit bumpy. Por ejemplo: My missing PS3? Still MIA. I know who the guy is and his address, but I can’t pop by at all to get my system. Got a call back from the police that I should pursue this legally (DUH, I know that!), which means the mail fraud and internet fraud paperwork I filed will take who knows how long to get through the system. Meanwhile, I lost my new-ish phone, so it’s back to my crappy old one until I can make enough to replace it.

There’s a bunch of other kick in the head, mule-style stuff that’s happened, but that’s Nunya Bizniz for the time being, as I don’t believe in diarying up everything any anything that drops on my head for entertainment purposes. I read YOUR blogs for that when I can. Okay, back to figuring stuff out and catching up on the backlog of stuff in a stack on a table nearby. See you all in a bit…

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