Adlens Interface: Buy-Focals for Screen Geeks & Movie Freaks


If you’re a heavy computer user or TV watcher who suffers for eyestrain or someone looking for an inexpensive adjustable focus eyewear option, you may want to consider Adlens Interface ($49.99) as an option. While they’re not made to replace your current prescription, they’re an excellent choice for light to moderate use if you’re the sort stuck in front of a screen for work or play. I tend to only wear glasses when watching movies from a distance at home or in a theater, so I was curious to see if Adlens would work for my own needs. Let’s just say I was quite pleased when the opportunity arose to check out a pair and see for myself. Okay, two slight puns in a single sentence normally means some sort of sentence from a pun-hating judge, but I think I’ll be forgiven this time.

Anyway, Adlens uses Alvarez Dual Lens Technology with two polycarbonate plates per eye that slide at the twist of a dial located on each side of the plastic frame. Right out of the case all you do is slip the specs on, shut one eye and adjust the lens for the open eye and repeat the process for that previously closed eye. The Interface adjusts between -6 to +3 diopter range on each lens, which should do well for a wide range of users. A week of testing showed that Adlens does quite well at making extended work and play sessions in front of the computer as well as a bit of binge watching a lot more comfortable. Yes, you’ll need to readjust the lenses when you go from about 18 inches or so away from a monitor to a TV a few feet away. But that’s not a bad trade off at all. Besides, you can consider that dial turning some actual exercise if you’re a total couch potato type.

While the glasses are lightweight and comfortable, I could see some users griping that they feel “cheap” because of that all-plastic construction. My only issue is with the dials feeling a bit too loose by default. I suppose if Adlens manufactured them to slowly click each adjustment into place would add a bit to the cost of producing them (and add to the cost of buying a pair). But I’m neither an engineer nor a bean-counter, just a regular guy with a brain full of suggestions (and a site to sometimes post those things on). The nice thing about Adlens is if you just need some go-to temporary specs, they have a few models priced between $30 and $70 all ready to ship.

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