When They Gave My Wall A Hip (And Other Not Tall At All Tales)

Well, at least I got to have a decent breakfast today. To wit:

Breakfast Not so hot deux 

Repair-wise, it was the predictable comedy of errors without the Greek chorus. Two plumbers (well, one plumber and one assistant) popped up at about 8:15 to reattach the legs to the sink and did so in a speedy six minutes. The not so funny thing was they were also supposed to fix the loose faucet that the previous plumbers removed and put back badly when they took the entire sink out and replaced it, “forgetting” to reattach the legs in the process. They were in the process of scooting away down the hall when I decided to check their work and found the faucet still loose. When they popped back in, one of them showed me the work order that only mentioned the leg job, which definitely didn’t make me feel any better. I noted that the inspector who was here two days back said the loose faucet would also be fixed and that years back the plumbers and other maintenance guys would go out of their way to double check what they worked on and would often mention they did a bit of extra work since they were already tinkering away down there. Not that this was “extra” work, mind you.

One of the plumbers noted that they didn’t have the proper equipment to repair the faucet and they needed to work with what they had. That ticked me off because it’s more management interference going on. They actually ration out materials, making things DUMB for the plumbers who used to carry full toolboxes and/or use their own tools for jobs. A few minutes above and under the sink revealed that yes, they could indeed fix the faucet but they needed a piece of wood for something. I hadn’t noted any wood under the sink when it was being removed a few months ago, but figured that it got tossed out during the process by one of the people who took the sink out back then. Long story short, that wood was obtained and the faucet isn’t rattling or moving at all when you turn the water on. I loved that the plumber didn’t seem all that confident in his work once he was done. that just made my eyes roll back so they wouldn’t fall on the floor after he noted he was done.

As to that wall business. Well, wow. How did I luck out and get trainee # whatever who not only didn’t know about the building layout (as in the drainpipe behind the wall that leaks and has them come fix things every few months), but didn’t actually “fix” the problem at all? Just lucky, I guess. Anyway, cosmetically the wall looks nicer. But it also has a slight curve that looks like a slim hip:

Hey, that's NOT straight. Or sexy for a hip, dammit!

Hey, that’s NOT straight. Or sexy for a hip, dammit!


Between that and his not really banging a hole in the wall that was about as deep as a half-dollar pressed into freshly laid cement, I’m expecting the next repair job to come sooner than the last one. The painter is coming on Monday and will probably spend MORE time setting up than actually painting AND as required by management ONLY paint the areas that were plastered. In other words, the wall will look like I did it and not some so-called paid professional. Ugh. If I had the money to waste and the time to get stressed out while waiting for years, I’d sue the new management here for all this craziness they’re putting long-time renters through. Actually, they’re putting EVERYONE who lives here through this crap because they refuse to simply modernize the way they do things while also keeping too tight a reign on the supply cabinets.

Seriously? That crack on the right isn't getting the hammer? You'll be back, mister...

Seriously? That crack on the right isn’t getting the hammer? You’ll be back, mister…


(Not so) amusingly enough they recently shelled out who knows how much to update uniforms for maintenance, buy a LOAD of landscaping plants (many of which were placed by people who have not a clue as to what landscaping is) and throw away more money on some funky vehicles that will quietly run you down because they’re always on the sidewalks around here. Sidewalks that need some MAJOR repaving, as anyone whose shopping cart has hit that raised bit down the block has found out. I almost took a header on Monday morning heading to the laundry and yesterday a woman actually did dump her cart full of clothes on that same spot right in front of me. There are a bunch of tricky spots on too many sidewalks and streets around here that need fixin’ badly. But I guess they’ll wait until those slip and falls start rolling in and blame the public for not looking where they’re walking.

Hmmm. I want a trap door there that leads up to the roof. And a ladder. And a pony. that can FLYYYYYY.

Hmmm. I want a trap door there that leads up to the roof. And a ladder. And a pony. that can FLYYYYYY.


Oh, and there’s still the matter of all the ceiling work that needs to be done in this place. Apparently, that’s another department altogether as they even had a different set of inspectors (actually, engineers) show up to check out the ceilings. Almost all the rooms here have marks like the ones in the picture above on the ceiling, which means I’ll be reporting as Chicken Little if anything hits me on the noggin as I’m popping out of bed to pee at 4am. The saga continues and I’m hating this particular version of The Neverending Story, that’s for sure…


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