Madhouse Mondays: SOME New York City Employees Will Make You Lose Your Mind…

Edge of SanityIt kind of figures that the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has a Department of Vital Records where one needs to get a new or replacement birth certificate. Based on my experiences today with a few less than helpful people, I can clearly see why some see a trip to these official places to do the simplest of things can turn into the trip to mental hell. Crazy man, Crazy. I must have stepped on a black cat while walking under a ladder that a mirror had just shattered under after falling from my bag or something, as I ended up in the Coven of Ineffective Nepotism with the queen of the harpies as what they call “customer service”. Someone NEEDS to tell these people if I fill out a form as required AND bring in materials as requested AND have proof that I was emailed answers to the questions I’d asked (not once, but twice), I should be able to walk out of there with what I need and NOT my blood pressure much higher than it needs to be. To make matters worse, I was told flat out that “we don’t send out emails” when I noted that the lease with my signature on it WAS one of the items I was told I could use as proof of ID. Hell, all it would have taken to get me out of there was ONE phone call to the rental office to prove I’m who I say I was, as for some STUPID reason, they don’t take ANYTHING official with your name on it that’s past 60 days old…

(thanks, AussieRoadshow!)

Memo to hellhole NYC: some people pay their bills ONLINE and have not much of a paper trail. Also, that secret list of other accepted forms ID I was handed as an aid by someone else trying to be helpful? NOT HELPFUL AT ALL, as it should be ONLINE where anyone can read it BEFORE they make the long trek downtown. Yeah, I’m that ONE case where I have nothing current and the last time I got a notice from anything governmental and official was last freakin’ September. For someone who’s never been in jail or the army, I was sure getting treated like crap by these not so humble public servants and I don’t like that one bit. The dumb thing is now I have to drag my mother into this, so it’s off to get her and hoof it down tomorrow bright and early so she can prove I’m me (despite me bringing something like three pounds of documents that say so, they didn’t accept any of them!). This should be fun, especially since I’m going to pay them using the money order I bought and filled out, as she shouldn’t have to pay a damn dime for MY documents like they want her to. Today, I don’t even feel like working, but I’ve let some stuff pile up, so ONWARD (*whipcrack!*)

Back in a bit. I hate it when people screw up my Monday. I can do that just fine without any noise from the peanut gallery, thanks.

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