Star Trek: New Visions #1: Byrne is Back On Trek!

Star Trek PN_IDWLast year’s Star Trek Annual 2013 was a complete sell out for IDW at retail (you can still get a digital copy here) and of course, that means legendary writer/artist/creator of new and awesome Trek content John Byrne is coming back with another photonovel this year. Even better, it seems that this Enterprise (pun intended) is now a bi-monthly series titled Star Trek: New Visions.

This time out, Byrne is expanding the popular episode “Mirror, Mirror” with a sequel, “The Mirror, Cracked” which takes place after the episode when the Enterprise crew discovers not everyone left the ship after that life-altering trip into the mirror dimension. As IDW hasn’t yet provided any pages (boo!), you’ll have to ogle that cover above and/or go download the Annual to see Byrne’s rather amazing photo manipulation and asset creation for yourself. The man’s a classic Trek fan through and through and it shows in the care he put into every panel.  Hey at $7.99 per issue, it better be some awesome Trekking, right? The 48-page, full-color book, debuts in May 2014 and given the speed at which the annual disappeared from comic shops, I’d say pre-ordering is in order.

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