Who Knew I Was “Popular”? The Versatile Blogger Award STRIKES!

(thanks, gzibeuh!) 

The Versatile Blogger AwardAs I noted previously…(look up and press “play”) yeah, thanks, Sally! Any-whooo… so, not one, but TWO folks in the space of as many days has decided to make me grin like Conrad Veidt in The Man Who Laughs by nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Eeeeeee! Of course, this means I need to thank a few people and come up with a bunch of other deserving folks who might like their own days dazzled (or that daze dazzled) by a nomination. Or TWO nominations, actually. Lex Luther over at Sublime Zoo and Lady Fangtasia need to get thanks and a BIG hearty hand clasp:

(thanks, Kevinator9!)

For thinking on little old me! But a little additional housekeeping is required here before I retire to the Champagne Room for a snack. Wait, I have a Champagne Room? I must still be asleep! Oh well… er, moving onward…

Two: Oh, it’s got rules to follow, eh? I think I can do that stuff below and not screw it up too much. So these are them:

1. Display the Award on your Blog (DONE!)
2. Announce your win/nom/nod with a post and thank the Blogger who nominated you (DONE!)
3. Present 15 deserving Bloggers with the Award.
4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.
5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Fifteen deserving bloggers, eh? Hmmm, let’s see now… my mind’s a blank… er, cabbages, knickers… has it got a beak? OK, after some deep thought (and cleaning my oven between last night and this morning), I’ve come up with these fine folks (in sort of alphabetical order):

The Accidental Coochie Mama!
Celtic Illumination!
Allaweh’s Domain!
Basement Screams!
Bill’s Movie Emporium!
Comet Over Hollywood!
Girls Do Film!
Jordan and Eddie!
The League of Dead Films!
Movies, Silently!
Retro Video Gaming!
The Sega Collection!
Silver Screenings!
Sunset Boulevard!
Tranquil Dreams!

Hokay, fifteen quick posts are on the way to let these folks know they’ve got a leetle surprise coming…

And wait, WHAT? Seven interesting thing about me? Holy Cats. Well, hmmm… who put that bucket of corner paint in this post? Okay, but you asked for it. Each of these facts has a loooooong story behind it, so you’ll not get that information out of me unless you throw lots of money my way or I run out of stuff to post about and am DESPERATE for content. Nevertheless, rules is rules… therefore:

1: I used to be a child model from about 1971 to 1972.
2: I was in a Snapple commercial back in 1994.
3: I’ve actually worked in a circus (not as an act, silly!)
4: I used to bake a LOT (mostly pies, mostly apple or pineapple/apple)
5: I have my name in the credits of exactly ONE video game.
6: I’m right-handed, but have been working on writing and drawing with my left for a bit.
7: I actually don’t much like talking about myself, so boy are YOU lucky to get to read all that!

Um, I think that’s it. Please go check out those links above, expand your horizons a bit (they’re certainly NOT going to grow just reading my stuff!) and have an A-1 day!

(Thank you, Vince Gilligan for giving me and every other Breaking Bad fan the PERFECT sign off!)

22 thoughts on “Who Knew I Was “Popular”? The Versatile Blogger Award STRIKES!

  1. Thank you very much for this award which I most humbly receive in a very modest and dignified manner. For your information, and with the greatest respect, you may have been a child model but I have the loveliest legs in Ireland. By the way I do not know what a Snapple is or perhaps was?


  2. Wow, thanks for also including me on here! Sometimes, I wonder if my site is indeed versatile or not, and I often, like you, try not to be TOO self-serving πŸ˜›

    Anyway, thanks for the mention, and I love your answers to your questions!

    Now, I guess I need to come up with some answers and a good list of sites to link to!


  3. Thanks for including me in this! I really appreciate it. Sometimes I don’t know if my site is actually versatile enough, but maybe I do a better job than I think! Like you, I try not to be TOO self-serving at least!

    Your site is amazing, and you do really deserve this!

    Now, I just need to think of 15 people to nominate as well, and come up with 7 interesting tidbits. I don’t think my answers will be nearly as cool as yours! πŸ˜›


    • Oh, you’re pretty versatile! It’s cool that you’re not the stereotypical gal gamer some think is the ONLY type out there (a good thing!), you do stuff outside gaming that’s interesting and hey (back to gaming!), you’re working on a game that shows a lot of love for a medium that gets misunderstood in some circles. So that’s good enough for me!


      • Well, now you have me curious as to what about the medium of an old-school, 2D action/adventure/RPG is not quite understood?

        But thank you, I appreciate it! I guess I don’t know what a “stereotypical” girl gamer is, though I suspect if it is like 90% of the people that make, frankly, annoying LP videos on YouTube, I think it is good not to be like them! πŸ™‚


      • I was going to avoid saying stuff about those LP videos I’ve sat through based on recommendations (six different ones total, but that was enough), but yeah… that certain percentage of those sort of videos is not exactly raising any bars and definitely not helping on a few fronts…


    • Hold on a sec while I dig up the description of the ad from the Internet (I don’t have the tape any longer, but I’m searching for it online)… ah, here we go:


      In this commercial for Snapple, product spokeswoman Wendy Kaufman explains that she recently received a letter from a Bronx man who had a dream of a design for a parade float made from an enormous Snapple bottle. The dream was so vivid, he made a sketch of the float and included it along with his letter. “Looks do-able,” says Wendy. The folks at Snapple proceed to build a replica of the sketch and offer to give the man a ride on it through the streets of New York City. Slogan: “Snapple. Made from the best stuff on earth.”

      That was back in 1994, by the way!


      • Hehe, I thought lifting could be one of your many talents. XD
        I also searched for this clip, but I only found your comment on a website and the st patricks day parade. >.>


      • I can lift a glass of beer and maybe a slice of pizza with the other hand these days, but that’s about it. I actually found photos from the one and only Snapple convention (including a still from the TV spot), which I’ll post later. That video is HARD to find, but it does exist if people recorded certain full TV shows with all the ads or happen to collect old commercials (I know people do this for preservation purposes). Sooooo, the hunt continues!


    • Well, I nominated YOU, as well.. or did I forget to send you a link? If I did… OOPS. I got busy right afterwards working on some stuff (oops!). Well, you know NOW that you have that same award, heh!


  4. Thanks for much for the award. Whee! And congrats to you, too!

    And LOOK at all these interesting facts about you. Very impressive!

    I know this has nothing to do with movies but I would love to see your recipe for apple-pineapple pie. And also to hear the story why you do not make that many pies anymore.


    • Oh, you’re welcome. Short version on the cessation of baking story: Math did it. Slightly longer version that makes more sense: Too many pies + not enough people to pass them around to + night dispatching job I had at the time that was mostly sitting around (eating pie) = Waddles the Sad Clown Dispatcher.

      That was a long time ago and I’m back to my old form, but I don’t bake pies these days. That said, if I can dig up the dough recipe (it’s an oldie from the turn of the last century, I believe), I’ll post it in a longer piece.


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