Random Art: Another From The Vaults, Fan Art Division…

Dark Horse Melange 

Did I post this old art already? Who knows? I don’t think I did, but I can’t sleep tonight (well, this morning) and needed to do something before I went bananas. Anyway, this is a scan of a bad photocopy of postcard fan art I did for Dark Horse Comics back around 1994.I did a bunch of these in black and white and color and I believe all got published in a few issues of Diamond Previews catalogs over the course of a year or so. I haven’t done much color art since, but I’m tempted every so often. I’m not a big fan of digital color myself (well, I can’t do it very well), so if I do dive back into this illustration thing, it’ll be old school watercolor and mixed media for me. Hmm… I’m feeling a bit sleepier just typing this post, so perhaps this is working after all…

Or perhaps not, gah!

Then again, it also reminds me that the unwise folks at Reed Pop have shut me out of New York Comic-Con AGAIN for some unexplained reason (I’ve covered the show in the past and even helped out as an exhibitor for a friend at two other Reed cons, so I’m clueless as to WTF is going on), so now I’m wide awake and pissed off. Bleh. I’ll live and all that, but I’m just sick and tired of people treating me like crap because I’m not some major site with a bazillion hits per second. I’d say I have more pure passion for things some bigger sites that focus on slamming stuff like a Williams sister fighting for a win do, but some people have yet to see that, grrrrr!

OK… good night, class. At least SOMEONE needs to sleep well around here. Back in a bit. It’s going to be a loooong damn day today.

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