Wait, Kate The Great Could Skate?

Katie HawkI knew Katherine Hepburn was the athletic type and all that, but a SKATEBOARD? Well, there’s some more respect for the Great Kate right there. Hell, I bet she even cut an old tree down and MADE that thing herself, heh. I probably has wooden wheels, as well. Go, Katie Hawk! I bet she just jumped over that van in the background, too. Doing a 720. I’ll never be able to watch another Hepburn performance now and NOT think of her on a skateboard. Pat & Mike will REALLY be interesting to watch again, that’s for sure…

Anyway, no I didn’t whip this out in Photoshop on a whim or after a particularly odd dream. I don’t even know how to use Photoshop, kids. This pic came from Dangerous Minds, and yes they have MORE black and white pics of celebrities on boards to ogle. This one’s my favorite pic, but absolutely go check the others out. A few look super staged (you’ll see), but you’ll still smile and wonder.

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