If You Have to See NINE Doctors, It’s Serious… Or You’re a WHO Fan…

Well, we’re almost to that new Doctor reveal and number nine is for many modern fans, where the real fun begins. I’ve actually NOT seen any of the ninth Doc’s adventures thanks to me being occupied with other stuff during those years, but I did catch a few episode snippets of Torchwood and hoped to hell that show would get on disc along with the Ninth Doc’s shows so I could watch them all together and see how things fit. I’ll get to that soon enough, but I want to catch this latest BBC special and the episode they run just to whet the appetite a wee bit. One of these days I’ll do the binge-watching thing with a few seasons of the show just to get it set into the gray matter. I’d make it a party, but my TARDIS has room just for me and a stack of discs. It’s a HUGE stack of discs and my TARDIS is closet sized and constantly malfunctioning. It doesn’t go anywhere, but keeps coughing up stuff from the past I’ve never seen before (or don’t recall buying, ha, ha)…

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