Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Two Ways For Four To Dispatch A Ton of Dinosaurs…


Wii U and 3DS owners are doing the happy dance around that blazing campfire (or they’ve cut a hole in a carpet to start one) today as Capcom has finally gotten the eagerly awaited Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate into retailers. 3DS owners who bought the game from the wonderful Capcom Online Store got a pretty cool bonus system case you’ll see in that video below. I usually hate unboxing vids, but it’s been a looooong day of still fruitless waiting for UPS and not getting much done, so I’m tired and a bit cranky because I didn’t get all the posts up I needed to. Hell, at least the Post Office delivers close to the same times each day, bleh… Well, tomorrow is another day, but I’ll be playing catch-up so I can stay on my target for the month.


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