Sometimes The Final Frontier Is a Welcome Sight…

Sign of the DayOK, so I didn’t PLAN to take a break from posting today, but I actually didn’t sleep much last night and decided that since I was awake around 6am-ish, I’d go get started on that ziggurat made of dirty laundry in the other room that a few days back morphed into a golem and was clomping around (leaving cartoon clouds of dirt like Pigpen in those Peanuts comics). It was fun for a while seeing a confused pile of clothes wrapped in a blanket stumble around and make that weird noise laundry that needs to be done makes, but then the damn thing managed to make it to the kitchen the other night and ate the steak I had in the freezer. That was the last straw (well, there wasn’t a first straw, which was my mistake). Anyway, luring the big dope into the shopping cart wasn’t hard (the mileage you can get from day old donuts, folks… go stock up, I say) and yeah, the big lug though it was going for a ride to the park. That took a while, but I hadn’t realized there were TWO piles to do – the other one was the smart one and was hiding in the closet…

I found that out when I got back and when looking for some hangers, I got assaulted by that second untidy tower of man-made and synthetic fabrics as it leaped from a shelf. How it got up there, I have zero idea. It was a fierce battle, but I’ve been doing my own wash since I was about seven years old, so I know ALL the tricks to laundry wrangling. Still, I was wiped out after the battle and still had stuff to hang. After tying down the new pile into the cart and some time hanging clean stuff to dry, I had to keel over before I keeled over. A few hours later, I pop up and realize that:

A) I didn’t post any updates yet (noooooooo!)

B) I had to get to the post office to mail out an important package (more on this in the future – it’s my good deed of the century)

C) I still had MORE laundry to do!

I hit the P.O. first and was annoyed not because of the line, but because of the stupid kid sitting on the floor in a corner with a phone watching a cartoon with the volume up so loud that everyone could hear it was the worst-written piece of crap and he had no taste in cartoons. I don’t care if you’re eight years old – if you’re going to go deaf and make everyone else suffer, at LEAST blast something Tex Avery, Ub Iweks or Chuck Jones-ish and not some junky modern crap filled with bad jokes and probably crappier animation. I was also annoyed because our lazy ass Congress that wants the entire US postal system here to DIE a horrible death by a thousand cuts went to the trouble to waste time and taxpayer money and RENAME the damn building last October (according to the new-ish plaque on the wall I noticed wasn’t there the last time I went). If I ever get into politics, you can drive over my feet with a steam-powered shopping cart.

My next stop was going to be the closest Starbucks (about a block from the post office) for about an hour for the free wi-fi, but it was more packed than usual and the wi-fi there is AWFUL. As in three people using it when the place opens up a 6am slows it down to blind old lady crossing the street by moonwalking but she can’t moonwalk because she’s been blind for decades and never saw Michael Jackson, so she goes right into a pothole and needs a rescue dog crawl. Yeah, it’s SLOW. So, I detour to the library, which has better wi-fi, but a 86.4% chance of homeless stinky guy or wild-haired lady with a bad cold coughing and sneezing and no hanky sitting at the only free table thing going on lately. Fortunately, luck was with me and I got a nice seat.

UNFORTUNATELY, I’d forgotten that the library closes at 5pm and it was 4:36 when I arrived (D’oh!), so I was only able to answer a few emails, get some Driftmoon screens downloaded for my review next week, a few quickie Facebook posts in, and I changed my cover pic there to some games from the collection. As I was getting kicked out about twenty minutes later, I happened to see that awesomely and unintentionally hilarious sign you were wondering “What the heck?” about when you started to read this post. It made me laugh out loud as a Star Trek fan, so it’s here just so I can get to the point of this post: GO TO THE LIBRARY MORE, FOLKS. You never know what you’ll see there!  Er, just bring a box of tissues and a can of Lysol and you’re good.

P.S. That last pile of laundry is getting clean in the morning – I’m beat.

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