Breaking Bad 501 “Live Free Or Die” Clip: Walt Plays It Clueless, But We Know The Real Story…

July 15, folks, July 15…. it’s not that far away, but BB fans have been going nuts trying to guess what’s going to go down in this final season. Well, Walter White may have finally gotten rid of his nemesis, drug kingpin Gus Fring, but didn’t quite realize he’d opened up a huge can of worms by doing so. Remember, kids… Walt blew up part of a nursing home in the process and ol’ dead Gus was seen as a respected member of the community for among other things, his charitable donations to a few organizations including the local police force. Oops. Oh yeah, and Walt’s brother, Hank (who happens to be a detective) just may be onto Walt’s trail after a few seasons of misdirection. Let’s just say, after some of last season’s shocks and bumps, this one should be a nail-biter each week. Even worse, the season will be divided up into eight episodes this year and the final eight in 2013, making the pretty obvious mid-season cliffhanger one that’s bound to keep some of the show’s more hardcore fans stuck to their couches until the show returns for the last bunch of shows. 12 more days… 12 more days…


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