Cloudy With A Chance Of Stupid…

Some days, it’s just too easy to dislike the internet. I’m talking mostly about YOU, Diablo III and your need for us solo players to ALWAYS be online even if we don’t want to be. Well, whatever – I still think Blizzard would make MORE money if they allowed more people to play the game offline (hell, we’re not all thieves and cheaters, silly). That’s all for now. I’ll be back later with something more productive and only slightly less snarky.


5 thoughts on “Cloudy With A Chance Of Stupid…

  1. Ugh, I haven’t gotten D3 yet because I’m too busy working on Malevolence. But is it really requiring a constant connection? If so, I think I’ll pass on it… We get frequent network dropouts in my area, and I don’t want the game to stop mid-way!


    • I’ll be going back to a friend’s to play the game some more, as I had to install the game on his PC because he’s got a pretty solid connection (and a much nicer rig than my creaky old beast) and since it’s his PC, he’ll be keeping the game once I’m done with a few trips through the story. I know he had issues trying to play because of the servers being packed early on, and called it a night after a bit of Error whatever nonsense. I dropped by later and got about two hours in before I had to go take care of some stuff back here.

      I just don’t like playing a game like this online, period. As big as this release it, I still think they’d actually make more money if they made the game playable for anyone with no online connection in SP. I don’t care about the auction house, playing MMO style or any of that stuff, but whatever – it’s the route they’ve taken and that includes the good and bad things that go with it…


      • This is just the cherry on a really nasty smelling cake that’s been here ever since Bethesda announced that the next elder scrolls game was to be an MMO set in Skyrim… It saddens me greatly that these big hitters in the industry are all starting to “drink the cool aid” as it were… I swear, you’ll never see my team doing this with our games!


      • Well, Zenimax Online (the folks making TES Online) isn’t made up of the exact same team from the offline TES games, so I wouldn’t worry about the next regular game having online play. That said, I hope the MMO works out for its target audience, as I can see it bringing a few new players to the series who might not have played an Elder Scrolls game previously.


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