Call Me Crazy, But Wouldn’t The Move or Wii Remote Be BETTER For A Star Wars Game?

I mean, come on Lucasarts! Sure, that new Xbox Star Wars Kinect Bundle Is extremely cool and all, but hell… Sony’s Move and Navigation Controller combo and/or the Wii’s stock controller/Nunchuck would have allowed for some better (and actual) gameplay elements such as character movement through a better designed game world and hell, swinging a lightsaber instead of an empty hand at your TV set.

That and what Star Wars fan worth his or her salt would pass up the chance to own MULTIPLE Move Lightsaber Controllers (or removable controller skins) on those two platforms or a C-3PO and R2-D2 Move wand/Navigation Controller set with a Black Darth Vader PS3 or Wii? What makes Microsoft fans exclusively Star Wars fans in your eyes? Anyway, I’ll shut up now and let you guys go count your money. But next time, think of EVERY gamer out there with a console and make a better set of games for us ALL.


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