The Secret World of Arriyetty: The Borrowers, Miyazaki Style

More gorgeous Studio Ghibli goodness? Sure, why not? Thanks to me not paying much attention to Disney’s output for a while (other than keeping a eyebrow raised over John Carter which I really HOPE is good), I completely missed this trailer for the Miyazaki-produced animated film opening tomorrow. It looks mighty impressive from the trailer and I’ll probably catch it once it appears on cable (hey, I’m cheap and don’t go to movies unless I get premiere tickets or it’s something like PROMETHEUS, which demands you see it or else). That said, I’ll always have a bigger attachment to the source material, the great 1952 book by Mary Norton. Go borrow a copy – I think you won’t be disappointed one bit. Just remember to return it at some point or someone will be tearing up floorboards looking for you…


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