Hey, Kill Screen? Shouldn’t Your NYC-Themed Game Party Actually BE In NYC?

I’m just sayin’…

OK, OK… I’m sure it’ll be a total blast at this year’s GDC, but really, now. Anyway, I’ll be nice and post the rest of the invite below the jump so people won’t think I’m being a jerk. Have a great event, but don’t have more fun that you would here in NYC. That would be rude.

Team Kill Screen,

What do you think when you think of New York City?  The Empire State Building?  Bagels?  Lou Reed?  The 2012 Super Bowl Champions?  We here at Kill Screen love all of the aforementioned things.  Until recently, you might not have said great game design.   Fortunately, like the era when you feared for your life in Times Square after 6 PM, those days are over!

Kill Screen will be in San Francisco in March for the Game Developer’s Conference, and while we’re there we’ve decided to give San Francisco a night to remember.  We’ve teamed up with game designer and new media artist, Matt Parker, to curate a NY indie games showcase, featuring some of the best games New York City has to offer for your enjoyment.

And if that’s not all, we’re bringing in a pair of truly world-class DJ’s to ensure that it’s a night to remember.

The party goes down Thursday, March 8, 2012.

LOCATION: Public Works, an art and event space at 161 Erie St. on the edge of the Mission District in San Francisco.

TIME: 8pm-midnight

PRICE: Early bird tickets are $10 (or pledge more for prizes!) – order through our Kickstarter page. Note: you do NOT have to be registered for GDC to attend!

This is a 21+ event so please bring your ID.

8-10PM: DJ set by Noel Heroux of Hooray for Earth (seriously they’re awesome…check them out!)

10-12AM: TIM SWEENEY, house DJ for DFA Records and host of the world famous Beats in Space Podcast!!!



Zach GageBit Pilot

Ramiro Corbetta – Hokra

Adam Parrish – Lexcavator

Michael Consoli – Against the Wall


So if you’re in town (or want to be), head over to our Kickstarter page and check it out.  We’d love to see you there!

Kill Screen


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