Gallery: Xbox Import Library (PAL & NTSC-J)

Yes, it’s a tiny selection, but hey, I’m working on it (albeit very sloooowly, thanks to not having any spare funds these days). Anyway, the good, the bad and the ugly here, as in Metal Wolf Chaos, Gene Troopers and Muzzle Flash. MWC is simply awesome (and a wee bit controversial, although a US demo was released), Gene Troopers is mostly awful but REALLY interesting as the weapons selection is amazing (and Insomniac Games would be proud of most of the guns here) and some of the visuals shine. Muzzle Flash is quite frankly, one of the worst games I’ve ever played for a few reasons I listed here. At least CT Special Forces, while equally hard and cheap, can actually be completed and is often intentionally hilarious. MF is just a total “m-f” to play and is one of those games it seems ONLY the folks who made it ever completed. When you lend a game out to six people and get it back with almost the EXACT same response, that’s a bad sign. I keep it around because I’m going to keep pecking away until I can complete it past the second stage (but it’s NOT on my bucket list, that’s for sure)…

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