Gallery: Mega Drive/Genesis Library (Updated)

By popular demand (from a few places), here you go, along with Master System games since they’re living on the same shelf as the MD/Genny stuff. For those who’ve seen the older pics elsewhere, yes, the collection used to be larger by about 40 or so games, but here’s where we’re at now minus a few loose carts I have stored in a bin nearby. I’ll try to get to the Super Famicom stuff within the next couple of months, as it’s more of a project getting them from the closet in the other room…


13 thoughts on “Gallery: Mega Drive/Genesis Library (Updated)

  1. You don’t waste any time! This went up the day after I asked to see more of your Sega collection.
    You really do have a ton of great titles. Including a bunch I’ve been trying to score for a long time and I few I didn’t recognize.
    These are what I think are some real highlights that I’ll track down for my own collection some day:

    Battle Mania
    Midnight Resistance
    The Hybrid Front
    El Viento (2 versions!)
    Splatter House 2
    Monster World IV
    Top Gear 2
    Gunstar Heroes

    Great collection, thanks for sharing it. It’s cool to see them all laid out.
    If you had to pick your 5 top gems which games would you pick?


  2. Oh, I’m not a huge fan of “top” lists, as there are too many good games to only pick five. But let me think about it for a bit and get back to you, as it seems that’s the one question I get asked the most…


  3. I love Gain Ground, only found out about it recently, me and a friend finished it on the sega collection disc for 360. Although, best game for genesis, Shadowrun, hands down.
    Can’t get enough of that game 🙂


  4. I’m ancient enough to remember playing Gain Ground back in the arcades, so the MD version was pretty interesting in terms of using a controller, but yup, it’s a total blast. Shadowrun is great on the Genesis, a bit better on the SNES and from what I’ve played, completely unique on the Mega-CD. I’m a tiny bit more partial to Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun just because I hated it for the longest time until I got past a few of the harder parts early on.


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  6. That’s an awesome collection ^_^ I’ll see if I can take some updated pictures of my Sega games =D
    And yes, apparently there’s 4 Micro Machine games, I only have the first one and Turbo Tournament 96.


    • Thanks! I wish I’d taken some pics about three years ago when it had more games in it, but for some dopey reason, i didn’t. The folks who bought stuff from me were pretty happy, is all I’ll say…


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