GoldenEye: Reloaded Gets Fully Loaded PS3 Exclusive Double-O Edition Box Set

Yes, I still dislike MOST limited edition bundles because you often get stuff that’s not important to the core game experience. However, here’s a case where one of these big box deals is done really well AND has stuff you can actually use (particularly if you’re a fan of PS3 shooters). In other words, I’ll take a dozen, please! The Double-O Edition contains the game (of course), PS Move and Navigation Controllers, PlayStation Eye camera and Sharpshooter peripheral.. In addition, buyers will get a DLC character, Hugo Drax from Moonraker, complete with his spiffy laser pistol. No price point has been announced, but both the Standard and 00 Editions will arrive at retail on November 1, 2011. Xbox 360 owners will no doubt be boiling mad at this set, but hey, what do you expect when your version of motion control leaves you with noting to point at the screen but an angry finger. Still, you guys are getting the same game at least, so enjoy Eurocom’s awesome work to its fullest in single and multiplayer modes.

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