Planet Maker Will KILL Your Workday (But You’ll Feel Like Your Deity of Choice For a While)…

planet maker_1 

Don’t do it. Absolutely DO NOT go to the Planet Maker website and start fooling around with all those sliders and buttons to make your own planet that you can snapshot and save as a wallpaper or do other stuff with. If you do, once you get started, there goes your work day and then all your free time is eaten up and the next thing you know, they have to drag your grinning corpse away from a burned out monitor and after they go through that hard drive expecting to find… well, you know… they end up seeing all the planets you’ve created and some of the people who got inspired by your cosmic creativity are now hooked and then there are MORE grinning dessicated corpses collecting all over town. Just look what you’ve started, you evil deceased deity, you…

planet maker_2

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