UGLYDOLL & the Ave Venice Team Up For Some Cool Custom Chucks…

uglydoll logo blk the AVE logo

ugly-dolls-ninja-battyUsually, someone telling you you’ve got ugly shoes is a not so good thing to hear and can sometimes lead to minor to moderately serious medical issues when that shoe needs to be removed from assorted orifices post-negative unsolicited commentary.

Thankfully for those of you who’ve been on the receiving end of remarks about your footwear (or who’ve planted a boot up someone’s behind for making bad noises about your kicks) can get satisfaction (and a lot less problems sitting down for a week or so) thanks to UGLYDOLL, the Ave Venice and Converse. Check out their four brand new printed Chuck Taylor styles up for grabs for $90 each on the Ave’s website: meet Ninja Batty (above), OX, Ice-Bat and the too-cute to call ugly (unless you just HATE cute things with your permanent bad mood self) UGLYDOLL Flower Pattern (below), all waiting to wrap themselves around your feet for compliments galore.

ugly-dolls-ox-green-1- ugly-dolls-ice-bat-blupat ugly-dolls-ice-bat-flowerpat

Well, perhaps you’ll still have your shoes called UGLY, but at least that’s what they’re supposed to be called (halfway – but it’s a step up!) and yeah, the person saying that will me smiling instead of smirking, which means you’re being hit on and won’t need to let loose with the *boot!* action (well, unless that pest gets too persistent with the moon eyes and compliments on your feet)…

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