Applied Design @MoMA: You Won’t Find An Earthquake-Proof Table @Ikea, That’s For Sure…


EPT_MomaBut you will get a plate full of tasty  beefhorsemeatballs covered in an even tastier sauce and lingonberries on the side (yum-o!)*. Anyway, this VERY useful table (currently at MoMA’s excellent Applied Design exhibit) created by industrial design graduate Arthur Brutter and professor Ido Bruno is made for areas in countries where earthquakes are a problem. A main cause of injury and death among children who happen to be in schools in these areas is being crushed while hiding under a desk, so this table is designed to prevent that and even double as an escape route if lined up properly. I can see this being adopted for home and office use at some point, so kudos to Brutter and Bruno for their applied design that turns a common object into a much better common object (er, well… one that’s MUCH better than the old desks they’ll be replacing).

*Hey, I’ve had those meatballs in the past and they’re not bad. Still, I was wondering why I had a craving for apple, carrot and hay salad afterward…

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