The iPic Is Just About Perfect (Almost)…

iPicIf you’re using any sort of capacitive touch screen device, there’s always those silly moments where you find that modern convenience less than responsive. Either you’ve got long nails, you bite your nails and have sensitive fingertips, you’re wearing gloves you can’t text with or you’re dealing with someone’s device you might not want to touch so much (where’s my hand sanitizer?). Anyway, Woodees (they make a rather cool pair of wooden ear buds I’ve yet to try, but have heard some cool things about) has a nifty little peripheral called iPic that lets you go from frustrated to Flickmaster Flex as soon as you take it out of the package. As I don’t have an iOS or Android device (shocking!), I decided to see if the iPic would work on a few game systems with different types of touch screens and it preformed quite well indeed.

Vita games like Orgarhythm were more fun when it came to all that rhythmic tapping and swiping and in other games where precise taps are tougher if one has a case of sausage fingers, the iPic works like a charm.Things were a tiny bit less successful on the Nintendo DS and 3DS (the included stylus on either device does just fine), but in a pinch, you can blow through Bejeweled 3 or similar games with ease. I did end eventually up borrowing a friend’s iPad just so he could see the iPic in action and give it a whirl himself, which he did and yes, he ended up buying one later that day. That guitar pick shape is cool and Woodees has an app you can download (Miso Music: Plectrum) that’s a great way to get the most out of the peripheral.

While the iPic is awesome, it would actually benefit from a few design tweaks. Woodees needs to add a hole for some sort of necklace, chain or lanyard so people can use the thing while it’s around their neck. Add a cap to the tip to protect it (or combine the cap with a loop you can attach a cord of some sort to) and you get an instant fashion statement that advertises the product as well. Granted, we do live in the era of product safety being super important, so, I’d gather that updated version I’m thinking about wouldn’t be for younger kids. Other than that caveat, that $9.99 price point makes the iPic a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who has or is getting that hot new tech item this holiday season.

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