Juggernaut: A Horror Game For Eggheads (And That’s A Good Thing)

Proof that a good horror game isn’t all about running around dispatching all sorts of hideous monsters with assorted weapons, Juggernaut is also a tough sell unless you’re looking for a game that’s very weird and intentionally slow moving that still manages to get under your skin. From the surreal visuals to the even stranger plot, the game is a three-disc descent into hell that gets stranger as the plot spools out, yet makes for a compelling experience once the game has its hooks in you. Granted, it’s an old PlayStation game from 1999, so you’d need to have an interest in revisiting that system for about a dozen or so hours (give or take). Nevertheless, the story of a guy trying to save his possessed girlfriend’s soul by taking a trip into her mind (with a little help from a creepy corrupt priest with his own agenda) just might keep you up longer than you’d like. Don’t expect this to pop up on PSN any time soon, as the game never got decent reviews other than a few of writers (yours truly included) who “got” the creativity oozing from the game in all the right places.

Pretty much everything about the game worked for me then and still works now. The methodically glacial pacing, the gloomy music, the plot twist that sends your character deeper into things (and adds a new gameplay element to things). As with any adventure game, some of the puzzles are baffling and may seem out of place, but then again, who knows what sort of world lies within a person’s head, right?  As it seems that point & click adventure games are making a comeback, my fevered brain could actually see this being remade as some sort of Kickstarter or other crowd-funded remake by a studio that knows its horror chops (Frictional Games, anyone?). Of course, the chances of this happening are slim to none, but hey – at least you have something new to track down you’d probably have ignored otherwise.

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