DAF Phase Two: It’s Mine, All Mine!

If you’re possessing a good eye (two are even better), you may have noticed the URL change for the site. Yup, it’s paid for as of today and you can use that new addy or the old one. I’m still in the middle of a lot of other major and minor changes to the site, so stay tuned. Off to hold a fund-raiser or something so I can afford a few more WP updates! OK, I’ve been lagging behind in posting for a bit, but fear not – I’ll be adding more posts daily as I carve out a bit more free time (and play through the pile of games that’s steadily growing here)…

2 thoughts on “DAF Phase Two: It’s Mine, All Mine!

  1. Hey Geelw,
    I’ve looked at some of WP upgrades and I’ve never been sure if they would add any value (for the little I do). I’m curious what upgrades are of interest to you? What do you feel they will add to your site? Well, a registered domain name is obviously a cool one.


    • Well, for me, some of the more expensive upgrades are useless (video and complete customization), but owning the domain, a space upgrade (I’ll get that and one or two more upgrades next) will help in my world domination phase. Also, I need to start making a little profit with the site, so putting in a few tweaks will probably be good for getting some paying ads up at some point.


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