IDW’s Wally Wood EC Stories Artist’s Edition: Stellar Stuff From A True Master.

The late Wally Wood’s work was one of many inspirations that got me interested in comic art and thankfully, there’s a large enough selection of his originals still around so anyone who wants to see some of the greatest panel art ever (and can afford to drop a few hundred bucks on a top quality hardcover book) can check it out thanks to IDW Publishing.

This collection in the fantastic Artist’s Edition series presents some of Wood’s classic EC Comics tales as ACTUAL SIZE (15 x 22) pages, complete with editing marks and assorted aging you don’t get in digital comic art. There’s just something incredible about seeing how hard Woody worked on all that meticulous detail and how much of  his work has held up over time.  This massive new book (which could double as a small card table if you opened it and put legs on the covers).

UPDATE! According to some poking about around the internet as well as a note from IDW’s PR guy the book is COMPLETELY sold out on the publisher’s web site. However, you CAN (and should) call up or stalk your nearest comic store, as they should have copies of the book in stock!

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