Retro Exploration: Dreamcast (Part 10)

Here’s a small and random mix of art this time plus some boring stuff from a game that SHOULD have gotten some omake love. To the left is the single image found on Rune Caster, a fairly terrible strategy/RPG not released outside Japan. Below are images from assorted DC discs starting from the left with the nice CG art piece from Dogu Senki Haoh, a pretty good import SPRG that also stayed in Japan. Next up is the Nightmare Creatures II logo from the US version of the game, which is on the disc along with a brief Kalisto logo movie clip (it’s the same clip you see when you start the game up). Next to that is the lone wallpaper image from Quantic Dream’s experimental open-world epic, Omikron: The Nomad Soul, a game that could use an actual remake (and a multiplayer mode) one of these days.There’s also a bonus music track on the disc, but I’m working on a post about those for a bit later.

The final two images are what’s on both the US and Japanese Sword of the Berserk discs, and yes, it’s damn disappointing that a game that’s so much fun to play (and a pioneer of QTE’s in modern gaming) gets two lame images found on many DC discs. Ah, well…



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